November 30, 2012 Transition & Grace

Within this pressure to birth, change, move or reform, we have the grace of a MOON TRINE NEPTUNE just before sunrise, PST, offering us a river of spiritual connection and flow at dawn. From there we jump into the awakening cauldron of the PLUTO SQUARE URANUS.

Today we have a combination of the awakening cauldron pressure:  URANUS SQUARE PLUTO and the MOON SQUARING URANUS at 3:22 pm and OPPOSING PLUTO late tonight at 10:36 pm, pdt, and the grace of MOON TRINES with NEPTUNE and SATURN.

MOON TRINES SATURN at 7:18 pm, pst offering physical support.  We can feel the uncomfortable shift pressure of change with support. Even though we’re being squished through a transitional process that feels scary and unknown, because we can’t really see the greater forces moving these changes, we can trust the process. The planets, the earth, and the cycles that have held us this far, through growth and evolvement are still holding us, even in these times!

We can take hold of “God’s ropes,” and swing into the future, removing layers of grief, loss and separation, as we collect little particles of light. Today asks us for some awakening work meanwhile gracing us with the flow we need at this time. May we “go with the flow,” while reflecting on the changes we grow.