November 29, 2012 – Its a Marvelous Day-Night for a MOONDANCE

MOON went into the VOID at the end of the day yesterday at 5:04 pm, pst. It surfs the MOON ECLIPSE VOID all day! This is a void of completions and wrap-ups. This FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (exact yesterday morning) is allowing us to–in one way or another–wrap up all our un-met shadow pieces, and give them whatever they need in their last days before burial.

There is an opportunity–a window, for us, human beings to experience a big shift in frequency–on the 12-21-12 alignment, and beyond, as we receive a different quality of light from our galaxy. As we shift in this 26,000 year cycle, we go to the “light side.”  We’ve been on the shadow side of this larger galactic cycle.  The shift in light frequency may be so drastic that it affects our consciousness !!  This is an exciting moment to prepare for, and watch!!

Today in this preparatory and completion-filled VOID, we are re-tying threads & making communications. This is not a day to start anything new–MOON VOID periods are good for “redo’s–like a little constructive Mercury in Retrograde.

VENUS SEXTILE MARS at 2:33 pm, pdt is a dance of love between masculine and feminine. We are able to hold hands and move our feet, jumping stones and barbed wire fences as we dance. Our dance is a healing dance. Masculine and Feminine can, from the beauty of each one’s own pole, dance with the other side, in fulfillment.

Within every woman is masculine and feminine dancing, and within every man, the two poles light up and dance. We each symbolize a pole,  joining forces with other little lights, we dance. May this dance be soul-nourishing, soothing of separation, and filled with healing light.