November 27, 2012 – Prepare for Take-Off and Landing!

MOON is in the VOID between coming Gemini and Taurus as we rise. This MOON VOID lasts all day long, until moving into Gemini at 4:58 pm pst.

Meanwhile MARS CONJUNCTS PLUTO at 12:17 pm, pst. (Pacific Standard Time) This power aspect is awakening us to our physician within. Each one of us has our own personal place of death and rebirth. We each have a vulnerability, a weakness and feelings of coming to the end of something. We are the priests and priestesses of change for the better. We can make the paradigm shifts needed. We can make all the shifts needed. This aspect ignites us to change. We are called to move.

MOON in Gemini SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces at 5:52 pm, pst, offers us an emotional transition point. We are shifting from one emotional wave to another one.   We can leave layers of baggage at the Oceanside with this transit. The waves of life will take our baggage from us. If something is removed from us, we can be assured it may be removing baggage from our lives. Gratitude is a key.

May we fuel our gratitude amidst a cauldron of fiery manifestation energy! May we invite, invoke and follow through with what we long to do and be.


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