November 26, 2012 – Mercury Direct! Art Moving Forward

SUN TRINE URANUS early this morning activates us with invisible magic and laughter upon rising. There is creative support for breakthrough today!

SUN SQUARE CHIRON at 1:45 pm, PST is a tension and shift point in which our soul may call us into a transition that is uncomfortable, new or edgy, however we know we have the faith and courage to “make the shift,” or transition and as long as we are allowing our heart to lead, we will see light at the end of the transition.

MERCURY is STATIONARY to DIRECT at 2:47 pm, PST. We’ve been in a three week Mercurial mystery school (while MERCURY was RETROGRADE) doing rewiring that is deep in our psychic emotional and belief-system.  MERCURY is in Scorpio, now moving forward, heading toward uplifted fiery Sagittarius.  Our minds can rise day by day out of the depths toward fiery ascension.  We can raise our frequency, our life, and our fulfillment level, up higher, stronger and clearer: day by day.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY in its direction change at 4:57 pm, pst, is a peak shift point, while the MOON is so FULL and WAXING, between ECLIPSES it is juicy with possibility and shift power energy.

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN this evening at 5:19 pm, pdt is a grounding point. Although the MOON is in the VOID period, we can ground our divine art with the support of FORM-MAKING SATURN.

These energies in these times are tricky. MERCURY RETROGRADE and the days that surround it are backward and circular, often throwing tricks into our timelines and experiences. Meanwhile the Eclipse field is unstable and filled with change. We are dancing in these change energies today as MERCURY shifts direction, May we shift in grace. May we feel the joy of being “in the right place, at the right time.”