November 24, 2012 – Unconventional Transition

This day we rise with MOON in fire Aries, however in a VOID state. This VOID space can be an in-between feeling, like we are in transition, like the MOON is in transition between signs.

In the midst of this funny VOID feeling, MARS SEXTILES SATURN at 2:51 pm, pdt offering us a productive work energy. Our inner masculine work force is in a harmonious relationship with authority in our lives. We can make deeply supportive inner shifts related to our work today.  This is a good day for meditation on how to grow change and develop our authentic life’s work.

MOON will enter Taurus pre-dawn tomorrow morning, grounding all of our visions into practical things to do.

May we allow our minds to open today, to the new visions of work evolvements that serve our truth and joy.


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