November 25, 2012 – Grounding Healing Art, Amidst Chaos

MOON enters the sign of the art and grounding king, Taurus, and SEXTILES cosmic force of water, NEPTUNE. Going with the flow is always a good idea, even when the flow is wild and fast. VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS in the afternoon at 1:25 pm throws some good healthy chaos into our VENUS beauty and art. MOON OPPOSITE VENUS at 1:53 pm, pdt is a shift point for the feminine with another feminine energy. Women are learning how to overcome the mistrust and competetive edge that the inquisition inserted into our subconscious hundreds of years ago.  Our true nature is as allies, as if we are one being, one female on earth, who feel each other’s joy and pain as if it is our own! We’re in a feminine shift point.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 4:30 pm, pdt offers us a limitation to overcome. We can push ourselves against the glass of our own limiting beliefs, or we can ask ourselves to expand beyond the limitation, in our own unique way.

MOON TRINE MARS at 6:00  pm, offers us a gift of action. We are motivating ourselves to make a big shift on Tuesday! MARS will CONJUNCT PLUTO on Tuesday and we’re already feeling this building of power for this shift.

VENUS TRINE CHIRON at 7:10 pm, pdt offers us a healing link with our creativity. We can heal ourselves with our own art. We can also offer gifts of healing to others with our art.

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 8:36 pm, pdt gifts us with an opportunity to shift gently, prior to the BIG SHIFT day! We can make small actions and preparations that make Tuesday’s big shift energy easier.

MERCURY is already slowing down, in preparation for a direction change tomorrow at 2:47 pm, pdt. This slowing down can add chaos into our details, as things reorganize themselves, from the deep internal rewiring of MERCURY RETROGRADE in Sagittarius to Scorpio. Now we will wind back across all that deep contact unfolding the past into the future in a way that can assist us in feeling more whole. Tomorrow, as the fabric shifts, there may be some chaos.

May we enjoy the chaos with our humor, and remember to “go with the flow,” that we feel in our universe fabric, in our own way.



November 24, 2012 – Unconventional Transition

This day we rise with MOON in fire Aries, however in a VOID state. This VOID space can be an in-between feeling, like we are in transition, like the MOON is in transition between signs.

In the midst of this funny VOID feeling, MARS SEXTILES SATURN at 2:51 pm, pdt offering us a productive work energy. Our inner masculine work force is in a harmonious relationship with authority in our lives. We can make deeply supportive inner shifts related to our work today.  This is a good day for meditation on how to grow change and develop our authentic life’s work.

MOON will enter Taurus pre-dawn tomorrow morning, grounding all of our visions into practical things to do.

May we allow our minds to open today, to the new visions of work evolvements that serve our truth and joy.