November 22, 2012 – Beauty in Our Own Way

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE today brings us beauty in our own eyes. We each see different things as beautiful, but today we had the opportunity to feel beautiful all the way through to the inside. NEPTUNE with an Ocean of feeling in a geometric TRINE with our VENUS gifts us with pleasure on this day of gathering.

MOON is VOID all day today, between Pisces and Aries, until entering Aries in the evening at 5:11 pm, pst (pacific standard time). This fire MOON TRINES SUN this evening at 7:37 pm, pdt offering us more beauty between masculine and feminine. We are in a sacred dance of polarities and charged magnets. We are a one-sided magnet and we love to dance with our opposite pole.

May we allow the beauty in deeply. May we drink in smiles and laughter, share bright eyes that twinkle and bring ourselves to gether in the most beautiful ways we can dance!


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