November 21, 2012 – Sunfire Holy Day Fly Time

We just took two steps into more power today!  We have a transition of SUN to Sagittarius from Scorpio, from Deep Water to High Fire! We go from the depths of watery feeling in our expression, up to the peaks of inspiration, divine adventure and propelling ourselves higher in our growth and evolvement. The holiday season calls forth our smiling faces and supportive words for others, even though it may be the “dark” of winter. The actual transition of SUN into Sagittarius is at 1:50 pm, pst. (Pacific Standard Time).

VENUS enters Scorpio from Libra, going deep water, while the SUN goes from deep water to fire. Our Venus is in a sign of Power now–Scorpio. She is ready to uitilize resources on behalf of life. She is ready to step up in her money-making, and her clarity of focus. She will be unstoppable this month!

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE, however MOON TRINES this backward moving force of communications, this evening at 10:32 pm, gifting us with its reversals and circles. This aspect is the last aspect of the MOON from Pisces, sending hte MOON into the VOID between Pisces and Aries.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE at 11:11 pm, pst, offers us a spiritual practice moment. The 90 Degree Square between the planets call us to action or presence. They may ask us to stretch or call us to work or overcome a limitation. With SUN and NEPTUNE, it is spiritually expressive work. It is our inner priest and priestess that is called forward tonight.

May every little shift reveal to us how we are held in a circle of life, and a circle of time, that is supportive of our growth, spiritual expansion and evolvement. We are loved by the universe and can relax into that love. That loving force that holds us, is pressuring us through a kind of birth canal and we can “trust the process,” as long as we listen to our guidance and act on it. May we listen and act. listen and act. listen and act, with love.