November 20, 2012 – Divine Feminine Call to Action

MOON TRINE VENUS this morning is a pact between Crone and Maiden, Mother and Daughter, Feminine and Feminine, to be strong together, through the trials of this time.  This is a field of WINTER ECLIPSES we walk amidst and there are landmines, extremes, unstable rickety foundations, and tricky weather conditions.

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE, and, in keeping, this blog was late because the author left her power-cord somewhere and had to drive to get it before this could go online.

MOON SQUARE SUN this morning at 6:31 am, PST, offering a grunge point, a “stretch point,” and a growth and transition point. We are expanding, and reaching into our talents and abilities if we’re on track. We are called to “show up,” in our own way, and yet we do need to show up.

MOON enters Pisces this morning at 8:55 am, after a place of solid ground, we’re now in water world, where things are sensitive, slippery and uncannily syncronistic, as if we’re near the end of time as we know it.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in Pisces at 9:37 am, PST, is DEEP WATER, that we are in. As we SEXTILE MARS from NEPTUNE and MOON at 2:11 pm, we’re activated on the soul level into action. We have allies, and we have each other and we are called into action. What this action is–is only known by each one inside. The action we are called to is highly spiritually charged and soulful action, showered with NEPTUNE’s blessings if we’re listening.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 7 pm pst gifts us with grounding and a feeling of being at home. This is a gift in these slippery times.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO late tonight at 11:31 pm, pst offers a powerful touch from the force of life itself, reaching into our heart and soul, asking for more and more and more service from us. We are called to what matters to the world and others, we are called to something greater than ourselves. We are asked to draw resources that are beyond us. We can. And we will “do the right thing,” in the coming years.  It is time to do this now, on behalf of all of life on earth. We are called to act on her behalf.

BLessings on this journey of awakening, may it be graceful, loving and profound in all ways.