November 19, 2012 – Sword of Truth

MOON in Aquarius TRINE JUPITER in Gemini in our dreamtime, at 2:47 am, pst gifts us with a light bubbly feeling as we rise.  We may have wings and we can overcome any communications issue that arises with JUPITER’s grace.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY RETROGRADE in the evening at 7:22 pm, pst. We’re in an alchemical cauldron of pressures and our greatest challenge is to communicate clearly. This is not always easy, and yet it is the job of the light warriors and jedi’s these days. Rather than light-sabors we use words.

May our words be skillful today as we reflect on the past, and know that we need to change the patterns we carry into the future. MOON in Aquarius is a mothering force of equality, justice and humanity, guiding us through this tunnel of unknown birthing. May the source of wisdom be with us.

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