November 18, 2012 – Collective Alchemy

This morning, pre-dawn, PST, 4:10 am, MOON enters our friendly collective neighborhood sign of Aquarius. Soon after entering the dawning of the new world’s heralding sign, it SEXTILES URANUS in Aries at 12:29 pm, PST. This 60 degree singing zing, kisses and kicks us in the butt–at the same time!

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 1pm may bring tiredness or the feeling that we are climbing a mountain by ourselves. That is ok, we’re truly NOT alone, no matter to what degree we may perceive this and for how long, we will one day awaken to the reality that not even death will do us part, that we are interconnected with all of life on earth and with all humans, living and/or dead. We walk with millions of ancestors and we are an ancestor of life on earth.

May this Sacred Sunday be a day of honoring our ancestors and what gifts they have contributed, meanwhile saying “no,” to their old patterns and ways of thinking. We need to prepare our mind to enter a new world and it would be best if we can create a “blank slate,” for that new world to enter, without all the old stuff in the way!

May we all learn to honor the power and need for a blank slate in this time. Be the unknown and the unknown will bless you with its miracles.

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