November 17, 2012 – You Light Up My Life!

MARS SEXTILE NEPTUNE at dawn, Pacific Standard Time, is a Divine Masculine Kiss on the Cheek of every man and woman. We wake up being blessed by the Divine Church of our Sleep.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY at 7:47 am, pst, gives us a morning where we each have the radiance within us to shine on those around us. We can see beauty in each other, speak beauty to each other and light each other up with joy, appreciation, wisdom and caring. The light of the sun, when it joins with our “communications piece,” MERCURY, has the power to light up everything in our life and lift it up so we’re having fun, even in a low declining point in the solar cycle.

We’re coming into our Hermit time of year, like bears we all need to feed this part-at least for one week of winter–that is why we get colds and flus–because our whole psyche and energy system needs to have a time of rest during the winter. We are seasonal beings that live in cycles. One way or another, we need to honor the cycles of our bodies and our lives–but today, the SUN is CONJUNCT MERCURY and its time to LIGHT UP EACH OTHER’s LIVES!

We each have the ability to shine more lovelight into this world, in our own unique way. Each of us, comes to life, more and more, when we attempt to love others more, to see their beauty and giftly contribution more than we see their faults. We can grow each other into more and more beauty. We have this freedom to be beautiful and let others be as powerful and radiant as they can be.

MOON SEXTILES this MERCURY SUN CONJUNCTION, as it is parting like clouds revealing a secret sunlight. This sweet sacred light is coming out of us, through our eyes, our words and our music. We are still lulling each other through some unknown birth canal we share–even though we can’t really see it, like a baby can’t really see what is happening to her until she comes out and opens her eyes, and still–there is so much mystery.

We are the lights in the dark of the mystery. We shine with each other and for each other, like each other’s starlight in a bottle, pouring a little every day, for each other’s etheric heart-cups, to weave yet another day of life, with each other. We are awakening to a power and color the way a baby does when it opens its eyes. We too–will OPEN OUR EYES, when we are out of the canal, and the nutritive soup we’ve been drinking from our Angel and Dragon-born Placenta of city life. We will soon “cut the cord,” and need to nourish ourselves and our vehicles in another way. The earth will no longer support and sustain this way. We are changing, because the earth will force us to change like a birth canal forces a baby to come out of the soft womb of mother’s body.

This birth may be more gentle than we think, and it may be more painful than we imagine, and its all going to be ok. We are in a transition and we will “come out the other side.” We will know when we are out the other side. We’re not out yet–most of us. Most of us are still having contractions that we think are “it,” but we’re actually not there yet, its still “coming.”

MOON SQUARES VENUSĀ  at 8:03 pm, for a contraction and some tension to push us through the canal. Mother is watching and we are being pushed through our own birth canal.

MOON SEXTILES SUN at 9:54 pm, pst, just after MERCURY RETROGRADED through its SUNKISS this morning. SUN moves forward through Scorpio as MERCURY moves back through Scorpio, having entered at 29 Scorpio backward from Sagittarius. Sun radiates forward, shining her living light into our cycles and fabric of life, upon which we have this existence.

May we honor and be grateful for the canvas and interactive gift of our life, and how we are gifts and lights for each other each day–but especially today! May we light up each other’s radiant beauty with our love!