November 16, 2012 – ALive in Work – Building Momentum

MOON went from Sagittarius to work-oriented Capricorn in the middle of the night. MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE pre dawn, for grace in the morning.  Meanwhile SATURN TRINE CHIRON also pre-dawn, touches our work with soulmate energy. We are being gifted in our day with our work-soul-soil-mates today.

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 10:32 am, pst, is a jolt of awakening tension.  This is a time of transition, rapid change and therefore some shock perhaps. May we move wiht hte changes even when they are abrupt!

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 10:42 am, pst, reveals a grace in the one-step-at-a-time philosophy. We can overcome anything like a river, one wash at a time.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO in the afternoon at 3:18 pm is a little DEATH. We are learning how to let go of what is falling away and move another step toward a new unknown world even in the realm of money and finance!

MARS transitions from Sagittarius to Capricorn this evening at 6:36 pm. All of us will feel this as a “getting down to business! MARS in Capricorn is the most industrious mars we have in our Mars cycle!

May our heart fuel our continuing metamorphosis as we work one step at a time toward the New World.