November 15, 2012 – Revelations Between Eclipses

We rise this morning with the MOON in JUPITER’s sign, Sagittarius. Meanwhile, MOON is OPPOSITE JUPITER in Gemini as of just after midnight last night.

MOON SEXTILES VENUS in the afternoon for a love affair between Creative Expression and Our own Sacred Timing, unfolding from bud to flower.

SATURN INCONJUNCT URANUS offers us a conversation between limitation and angels. Whatever limits our success, or safe forward travel, can be overcome, with a wing and a prayer.

May we remember to ask for assistance when we need it, invite angels to walk by our side, and dance our inner revelations as they come today!

November 14, 2012 – Healing Portal of Live Soul Love

We rise with the MOON in Sagittarius, having just traversed slippery MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE, with MERCURY RETROGRADE!! This is slippery territory. (so slippery it was one of those days this daily blog didn’t get written until later in the day!) With a new powerful baby girl only a few days old, in my presence, this blog feels so unimportant. Death and Life take precedence over daily blogs and computer needs. We are in an Eclipse Portal. We are in a portal of life and death, birth and rebirth. This is raw delicate space between worlds in a mid-creation zone. We are exposed to the whole world, angels and devils in this raw space.  If we are sensitive–we feel this raw between eclipses space.

MOON CONJUNCTED MERCURY RETROGRADE pre-dawn at 2:38am, then went into the VOID. MOON came out of the VOID, into Sagittarius, after the quick middle of the night dip into the VOID. MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE from Sag to Pisces before sunrise.

MOON TRINES URANUS at 10:42 am, giving us grounding not in this third dimension after the slippery place, but instead in the spiritual realms. We have connection to our own invisible world today. We can communicate with spirit in our own way.

CHIRON is STATIONARY DIRECT at 10:58 am, pdt, giving us an uncommon HEALING PORTAL, open, raw and with a direct LIVE NERVE to our SOUL!

May we be tender and gentle with this raw healing nerve. May we see and feel the lineage of our healing journey and kiss it with love.