October 13, 2011 – RESET BUTTON day-Shamanic Evening

Mercury Retrogrades three times a year for three weeks, each time. Planet MERCURY, like all planets, circles around the sun. From the perspective of Earth, MERCURY appears to move backward from our perspective, as we also fly around the sun–MERCURY retrogrades from our point of view. During this time–lasting two thirds of a lunar cycle each time, also has a “shadow,” of the retrograde, the three weeks before–where many people and auto-repair places report feeling the MERCURY RETROGRADE effects during the shadow (the three weeks before) even more than the actual retrograde.

As a writer, writing this blog every day, often in the morning or late the night before, almost always, in the last few years, when MERCURY goes RETROGRADE, for one reason, or another, i seem to be late with my daily weather on those days. This MERCURY RETROGRADE cycle, which began on November 6th–election day– is crossing between Sagittarius and Scorpio. SUN/SATURN cycle with a little mini death–into a whole new energy after today’s SUN-SATURN touch-in!

SATURN hits “apogee” (closest to earth) round 3pm, giving us a dose of our own SATURN.  We’re in Saturn’s rings today, mastering our own completions, new beginnings and changing landscapes, inside and out.

MERCURY TRINES CHIRON at 7:19 pm, pdt and our ability to communicate with other human beings can create giant healings for one or more people. Our communications facility is extra potent and charged this evening.  With Mercury freshly into Scorpio, Trining Chiron in vast Pisces, its a Shamanic, Deep Healing kind of night.  We’re on the verge of something powerful and we just may feel it!!  The abyss–the deep unknown is safe.  We can take the leap of faith, we can step into the unknown, we can call, with all our hearts, directly from the VOID.  We can create anything we choose.  We can call it from the VOID.

Bless your void tonight.  Love the “resetting astrologer,” who just moved out of home-base, into storage again.  I’m preparing to be on the road with the 2012 Awakening Revival Tour!!  Let me know if you’d like us to visit your city!  Write to me at azlanwhite@gmail.com if you would like an astrology reading or would like to see the Awakening Revival Tour in your city!