November 9, 2012 – All the Details of Life and Death

Authors Note: Since MERCURY went RETROGRADE, the circumstances of life, where i am the assistant for a friend who is giving birth to a baby any day now, have it so i have not written the blog before the day, but during or late in the day. Next year, in 2013, this weather blog will publish automatically a month in advance. Now this blog is still written daily–and its being pushed late each day by the preparations and ritual of an impending New Birth!

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 3:57 am, pdt is a Masculine to Feminine harmony connection. We are dancing masculine with feminine in a dance of life today.

MOON SQUARE MARS at 4:27  pm, pdt is a corner of action and home-improvement. We are nurturing our project, whatever that is–and it may take a little work this late afternoon.  The personal MOON goes into the VOID after this aspect, for the rest of the night.

MOON enters Libra in the middle of the night, bringing us one sign away from the upcoming TOTAL NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on November 13th. This is a Death portal, a Birth portal and a Rebirth Portal!  May the source of mysterious blessings be with you!


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