November 7, 2012 – Retro-Mystery

MERCURY RETROGRADES, down toward a Great Mystery. We arise with the MOON in Leo, TRINING MARS in Sagittarius at 7:27 am, pdt, then MOON heads into the creative clean-up VOID between Leo and Virgo. We’re cleaning and preparing for something. We may all feel some kind of expectancy at this time. We are all a part of a giant birth, coming.

MOON OPPOSES NEPTUNE at 9:15 pm, asking us to be in the ocean of feeling we may ride today. Our small agenda may feel tiny in relationship to some larger unfolding plan that we are a part of, but which we can’t quite see completely. We play an important part in the greater unfolding.

This is a “dive into the mystery,” kind of day. May your dive and your mystery be filled with grace.

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