Happy FULL MOON week! October 29-November 4th – Into the Mystery!

Happy Full Moon!  The writer of Star Weather Whale was in a Full Moon Portal of her own and was not able to write for two days. We apologize for this inconvenience for any of you who look for us every day.  This “disappearance” for two days, was an example of what may be common during the Eclipse field, which we have now “officially” entered! We’re in a very unstable period energetically. Everyone needs to hold each other and the earth in our hands, hearts and prayers through the Eclipse Field–our next EYE of the NEEDLE.

the FULL MOON of this cycle on October 29th at 12:49 pm, pdt, is a FULL MOON of death and birth. Being full in Taurus, it polarizes in tension with a SUN in Scorpio, lighting up the MYSTERIES of death and birth. Since we are facing a set of ECLIPSES at the NEXT NEW and FULL MOONs, this next two months is a life-changing, game-changing, transformative time, like we may never have seen in our lives.

We are in a “Giant Reset Button,” Time. We are asked to reset our work, our finances, our way of interfacing with community through money and exchange. How will the new species of the HEART do money and exchanges?  We are faced with possible self extinction if we do not change technology from oil and gas consumption and destruction of natural resources to get it, for cleaner more efficient technologies. SATURN in Scorpio will make it clear that we have a limited amount of clean fresh water on the earth.  Polluting water into the future, for energy, will not be an option as we go forward. This shift is huge and it will happen in the next few years. How? Its a mystery. However it is predicted by chiefs and medicine men of Hopi, Cree and Navajo traditions that there will be a huge “shift in technology,” where we no longer use the technologies of the past and instead we use something new. We’re in these times of great change. The great portal of greatest shifting has opened.

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE, MOON OPPOSITE SATURN and MOON TRINE PLUTO on the day of the FULL MOON, reveal that this cycle, as it unwinds, is about “seeing through the veils,” as they are melting, empowering our soul within us, connected through our heart as a source of strength and power, and expressing ourselves fully, in what we believe we came here to do–to the best of our ability. We may not be able to “see,” where we are going, however we can “feel” it and know inside what is needed next and next and next.

As this FULL MOON light unwinds down to the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE alchemy, may we carry a light that emanates from our hearts, that never goes out, that powers our true vision, our compassion, our love and our souls journey. We can trust this heart to carry us through this portal. When in doubt, ask the heart, What would you do?




October 29, 2012 – Real Work ~ HAPPY Taurus FULL MOON!

WooWee! We are in the shadow of MERCURY RETROGRADE, going RETROGRADE officially on November 6th–Election Day! This blog was in draft mode and didn’t make it to its scheduled publication, accidentally.

Just prior to the FULL MOON, happening at 12:49 pm, pdt. ; there are a series of aspects lifting our life’s work and communications work to another level. We can allow this Monday to be a meaningful work flowering Monday!

We were blessed with a spiritual gift just after midnight pdt–last night–MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE.  Pre-dawn, at 4:54 am, pdt SATURN OPPOSITE MOON reminds us of our limitations, then also reminds us we can “push through our limiting beliefs,” and overcome these limitations with intention and grace–especially by saying prayers at dawn.

SATURN in Scorpio will call us for two years into deeper soulwork, than we’ve been doing!  It will also call us to our REAL WORK, especially today in the FULL MOON flowering light!

MERCURY SQUARES NEPTUNE at 10:40 am, pdt, offering us a “communications challenge.” Its best to wait to say things that feel “beyond words.” Sometimes a song or a drawing, or even a poem is more appropriate. This aspect may be better for communicating with Nature than with Humans! WIth confusion, projection, and illusion afloat, its best to keep communications simple and focused, amidst stormy waters. We may have ancestors banging on our heads this day. We can be receptive and also honor our ancestors, by offering them a plate of food that we set aside for them.

FULL  MOON is in the middle of our work day at 12:49 pm, pdt. This FULL MOON in the home-soul Earth Sign of Taurus, TRINING PLUTO in the one-step-at-a-time mountain climbing sign of Capricorn. This FULL MOON may be the flowering of a Big Mountain of Life’s Work, that we’ve been working for as many as 7-13 years. Successes come when we are consistent with something we love, over time.

FULL MOON is TRINE PLUTO at 2:01 pm, digging deeply into our hearts, to remind us we have a heart and soul journey afoot. We’re sent into the VOID MOON with this emotionally intense transmission, floating in the VOID, all day tomorrow! MOON Lands, back on track, when it heads into Gemini on Halloween morning at 11:4o am, pdt.

May this FLOWERING FULL MOON POWER reveal the beauty of our Life’s Work, offering to us an ability to see both “the path of learning we are on,” as well as “what we have achieved.” Although we are always participating in cycles of tearing down and rebuilding, we’re being gifted with opportunities in our work at this time, that can be a soul’s authentic work and blessing for ourselves and the world. May we relish in this opportunity to deepen our Real Work!

October 30, 2012 – Expressing our Soul

MOON is VOID all day in Taurus!  Pre-dawn, the SUN SEXTILES PLUTO, giving us SOUL ALCHEMY today as the only aspect. It asks us to touch, hear, feel and express our SOUL!  Our soul has a roll and it is called forward!  Today we are given the freedom, in that there are no other aspects, other than this, to really “go for it with our Soul Expression!!”

May we flower our soul’s light through our work in more and more focused and beautiful ways!


October 31, 2012 – Happy Hallowed Weenie!

MOON is still VOID in Taurus all the way from Monday afternoon!  The MOON finally lands in airy Jupiter-touched Gemini, at 11:40 am, pdt. We have the traction, once again to get things done in a way that they are not so “slippery,” changing, wobbling or “in the birth chamber of mystery.”

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE is the “Hallowed Weenie” aspect, at 12:28 pm, pdt. With this SQUARE, we may feel a bit emotional or “spacey” in the face of NEPTUNE SQUARE our personal MOON, however, its ok, we will recover and the tension is for growth. We may be facing a “big ocean of feelings and/or information, and need to “find our way through it,”  or we need to put roots and wings into all the places that are “hallow,” in our economic system and in our personal jedi belief system. We can get through every difficult moment with our faith.

MOON TRINE VENUS AT 8:33 Pm, pdt, in the evening, gives us a dose of light-hearted JO!  We can enjoy ourselves this evening with this loving, divine feminine creative aspect to paint our experience with!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 10:30 pm is a MAGIC WAND aspect. We can ritualize, pray, and think whatever we wish to manifest, and it will.

May we ask for what we need, surf the chaos impending before us and prepare our magic carpet of faith for this portal of Mystery we’re embarking upon together in this time.


November 1, 2012 – Day of the Dead Soulmates, Tilling the New Soul Soil

Today is DAY OF THE DEAD and the first day of the month of November. VENUS is INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 10:21 am, meanwhile VENUS is OPPOSITE URANUS at 3:05 pm, providing the frame for a very powerful clearing ritual on all of our “past relationships,” of any kind. We can fully release all heartbreaks, release all sorrows, all unmet needs by anyone, parents, lovers, husbands, wives. We can let it all go as we allow the thin veils to let souls in and out.

Today we acknowledge the dead, and the living invisible parts of self that need acknowledgment. Sometimes the two are connected. Here is a powerful late afternoon prayer for this Day of Dead Relationships Burial and Celebration.

We can journey through our past relationships in our imagination, feeling all the places where there are pains, sorrows, images of sadness, things that make us feel lonely even when we were with someone. We can allow image by image, moment by moment, these relationship “moments,” in our past, to surface. We can say to them, “Thank you for being a part of the completion of my karma here.” i now complete this karma and heal all wounds related to this relationship, or to (all these past relationships). You can do them one at a time or in groupings of age-periods if that is a helpful way to do it.

At the end of all the releasing. We can add: Great Spirit, God/Goddess, I release and free myself and all others from any any bonds or contracts that are not int he service of our higher selves in our next phase of life, and our loving heart. We release all past agreements, ideas, sorrows, and unmet needs to be consumed by the Great Central Sun of Creation, for composting into NEW LIFE!  So the power of this is manifest fully in my experience! And so it is!

At 6:18 pm, pdt MOON CONUNCTS JUPITER in Gemini, revealing and healing even more light, more truth, and more grace. If we precede this opening with deep release ritual work, we will open up deep grace. This aspect can bring this deep grace.

May we do the grungework that opens grace and may we allow ourselves to be lifted by this grace.