October 31, 2012 – Happy Hallowed Weenie!

MOON is still VOID in Taurus all the way from Monday afternoon!  The MOON finally lands in airy Jupiter-touched Gemini, at 11:40 am, pdt. We have the traction, once again to get things done in a way that they are not so “slippery,” changing, wobbling or “in the birth chamber of mystery.”

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE is the “Hallowed Weenie” aspect, at 12:28 pm, pdt. With this SQUARE, we may feel a bit emotional or “spacey” in the face of NEPTUNE SQUARE our personal MOON, however, its ok, we will recover and the tension is for growth. We may be facing a “big ocean of feelings and/or information, and need to “find our way through it,”  or we need to put roots and wings into all the places that are “hallow,” in our economic system and in our personal jedi belief system. We can get through every difficult moment with our faith.

MOON TRINE VENUS AT 8:33 Pm, pdt, in the evening, gives us a dose of light-hearted JO!  We can enjoy ourselves this evening with this loving, divine feminine creative aspect to paint our experience with!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 10:30 pm is a MAGIC WAND aspect. We can ritualize, pray, and think whatever we wish to manifest, and it will.

May we ask for what we need, surf the chaos impending before us and prepare our magic carpet of faith for this portal of Mystery we’re embarking upon together in this time.


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