October 29, 2012 – Real Work ~ HAPPY Taurus FULL MOON!

WooWee! We are in the shadow of MERCURY RETROGRADE, going RETROGRADE officially on November 6th–Election Day! This blog was in draft mode and didn’t make it to its scheduled publication, accidentally.

Just prior to the FULL MOON, happening at 12:49 pm, pdt. ; there are a series of aspects lifting our life’s work and communications work to another level. We can allow this Monday to be a meaningful work flowering Monday!

We were blessed with a spiritual gift just after midnight pdt–last night–MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE.  Pre-dawn, at 4:54 am, pdt SATURN OPPOSITE MOON reminds us of our limitations, then also reminds us we can “push through our limiting beliefs,” and overcome these limitations with intention and grace–especially by saying prayers at dawn.

SATURN in Scorpio will call us for two years into deeper soulwork, than we’ve been doing!  It will also call us to our REAL WORK, especially today in the FULL MOON flowering light!

MERCURY SQUARES NEPTUNE at 10:40 am, pdt, offering us a “communications challenge.” Its best to wait to say things that feel “beyond words.” Sometimes a song or a drawing, or even a poem is more appropriate. This aspect may be better for communicating with Nature than with Humans! WIth confusion, projection, and illusion afloat, its best to keep communications simple and focused, amidst stormy waters. We may have ancestors banging on our heads this day. We can be receptive and also honor our ancestors, by offering them a plate of food that we set aside for them.

FULL  MOON is in the middle of our work day at 12:49 pm, pdt. This FULL MOON in the home-soul Earth Sign of Taurus, TRINING PLUTO in the one-step-at-a-time mountain climbing sign of Capricorn. This FULL MOON may be the flowering of a Big Mountain of Life’s Work, that we’ve been working for as many as 7-13 years. Successes come when we are consistent with something we love, over time.

FULL MOON is TRINE PLUTO at 2:01 pm, digging deeply into our hearts, to remind us we have a heart and soul journey afoot. We’re sent into the VOID MOON with this emotionally intense transmission, floating in the VOID, all day tomorrow! MOON Lands, back on track, when it heads into Gemini on Halloween morning at 11:4o am, pdt.

May this FLOWERING FULL MOON POWER reveal the beauty of our Life’s Work, offering to us an ability to see both “the path of learning we are on,” as well as “what we have achieved.” Although we are always participating in cycles of tearing down and rebuilding, we’re being gifted with opportunities in our work at this time, that can be a soul’s authentic work and blessing for ourselves and the world. May we relish in this opportunity to deepen our Real Work!

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