November 2, 2012 – Personal Radical Shift MOMent

We rise this morning with the MOON in the VOID in Gemini, after touching Jupiter, expanding and flying “off course,” from linear traction, we are flying toward a new destination which we may not be able to see fully. We are in a giant MYSTERIOUS BIRTH CANAL. We cannot see what is on the other side, because we are “IN IT.” We are about to birthed through this “birth canal” of sorts, out into the world. Stories, told by our predecessors, tell us of a tiem when we will be in a “cocoon” of sorts, where the world around us may appar to “melt,” and we may feel as if we are entering a “whole new world,” which is a mystery to us, because all we can see is this cocoon, in which we and everything around us is changing from within.

MOON OPPOSES MARS pre-dawn at 2:21 am, pdt then goes into the void, with some charge!  WE must dig into ourselves to overcome inner struggle which causes conflict with others if we allow it to. We can resolve our inner conflicts, so that we resolve our outer conflicts. This can happen through prayers and veils of awareness peeling off over the next days and weeks.

We are in birth pains, even if we don’t know it, our pain is that of transformation, death, transfiguration and predecessing new birth. We are becoming a New Species before and from within our own eyes. What a miracle!

May we enjoy the miracle of time and space on earth, today.


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