November 1, 2012 – Day of the Dead Soulmates, Tilling the New Soul Soil

Today is DAY OF THE DEAD and the first day of the month of November. VENUS is INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 10:21 am, meanwhile VENUS is OPPOSITE URANUS at 3:05 pm, providing the frame for a very powerful clearing ritual on all of our “past relationships,” of any kind. We can fully release all heartbreaks, release all sorrows, all unmet needs by anyone, parents, lovers, husbands, wives. We can let it all go as we allow the thin veils to let souls in and out.

Today we acknowledge the dead, and the living invisible parts of self that need acknowledgment. Sometimes the two are connected. Here is a powerful late afternoon prayer for this Day of Dead Relationships Burial and Celebration.

We can journey through our past relationships in our imagination, feeling all the places where there are pains, sorrows, images of sadness, things that make us feel lonely even when we were with someone. We can allow image by image, moment by moment, these relationship “moments,” in our past, to surface. We can say to them, “Thank you for being a part of the completion of my karma here.” i now complete this karma and heal all wounds related to this relationship, or to (all these past relationships). You can do them one at a time or in groupings of age-periods if that is a helpful way to do it.

At the end of all the releasing. We can add: Great Spirit, God/Goddess, I release and free myself and all others from any any bonds or contracts that are not int he service of our higher selves in our next phase of life, and our loving heart. We release all past agreements, ideas, sorrows, and unmet needs to be consumed by the Great Central Sun of Creation, for composting into NEW LIFE!  So the power of this is manifest fully in my experience! And so it is!

At 6:18 pm, pdt MOON CONUNCTS JUPITER in Gemini, revealing and healing even more light, more truth, and more grace. If we precede this opening with deep release ritual work, we will open up deep grace. This aspect can bring this deep grace.

May we do the grungework that opens grace and may we allow ourselves to be lifted by this grace.

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