Happy FULL MOON week! October 29-November 4th – Into the Mystery!

Happy Full Moon!  The writer of Star Weather Whale was in a Full Moon Portal of her own and was not able to write for two days. We apologize for this inconvenience for any of you who look for us every day.  This “disappearance” for two days, was an example of what may be common during the Eclipse field, which we have now “officially” entered! We’re in a very unstable period energetically. Everyone needs to hold each other and the earth in our hands, hearts and prayers through the Eclipse Field–our next EYE of the NEEDLE.

the FULL MOON of this cycle on October 29th at 12:49 pm, pdt, is a FULL MOON of death and birth. Being full in Taurus, it polarizes in tension with a SUN in Scorpio, lighting up the MYSTERIES of death and birth. Since we are facing a set of ECLIPSES at the NEXT NEW and FULL MOONs, this next two months is a life-changing, game-changing, transformative time, like we may never have seen in our lives.

We are in a “Giant Reset Button,” Time. We are asked to reset our work, our finances, our way of interfacing with community through money and exchange. How will the new species of the HEART do money and exchanges?  We are faced with possible self extinction if we do not change technology from oil and gas consumption and destruction of natural resources to get it, for cleaner more efficient technologies. SATURN in Scorpio will make it clear that we have a limited amount of clean fresh water on the earth.  Polluting water into the future, for energy, will not be an option as we go forward. This shift is huge and it will happen in the next few years. How? Its a mystery. However it is predicted by chiefs and medicine men of Hopi, Cree and Navajo traditions that there will be a huge “shift in technology,” where we no longer use the technologies of the past and instead we use something new. We’re in these times of great change. The great portal of greatest shifting has opened.

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE, MOON OPPOSITE SATURN and MOON TRINE PLUTO on the day of the FULL MOON, reveal that this cycle, as it unwinds, is about “seeing through the veils,” as they are melting, empowering our soul within us, connected through our heart as a source of strength and power, and expressing ourselves fully, in what we believe we came here to do–to the best of our ability. We may not be able to “see,” where we are going, however we can “feel” it and know inside what is needed next and next and next.

As this FULL MOON light unwinds down to the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE alchemy, may we carry a light that emanates from our hearts, that never goes out, that powers our true vision, our compassion, our love and our souls journey. We can trust this heart to carry us through this portal. When in doubt, ask the heart, What would you do?




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