October 27, 2012 – Big Energy Building

This morning we rise with MOON in Aries having SQUARED PLUTO in the middle of the night in the deep soul, cathartic pressure cooker of our AWAKENING VESSEL of PLUTO SQUARE URANUS. This freshly Pluto Squared MOON in Fire Aries then expands all the way to a TRINE with MARS in Sagittarius. There is enough fire and power energy in the day to move mountains and mole holes. We can do ANYTHING with all this power!

By this evening, MOON TRINES MARS at 5:44 pm and SEXTILES JUPITER in Gemini at 6:32 pm. Jupiter in Gemini is a lover of wild Halloween Saturday nights! Tonight we can get dressed up as more than one character. Gemini will applaud us when we bring three masks and change identities all through the Halloween Party tonight–if we wish. We can also make a tribute to our many parts of self, all with a different mask.

Tonight has the energy for dancing, spinning and acrobatting into the night sky, as MARS aims deep into the galaxies in Sagittarius. MARS will OPPOSE JUPITER in a MARS/JUPITER (Full Cycle) OPPOSITION, tomorrow morning at 5:56 am, pdt. This opposition may bring some shift point or transition point into our forefront as we prepare to travel, make a leap of faith, and/or build a new project that will require everything in us.  FULL MOON is on Monday, meaning this energy of today and tomorrow are peak creation energies! Some of the most juicy available energy, is here this weekend!

May we utilize the sheer raw power of this day, to clean, play, transform, enjoy and entertain ourselves in this beautiful world!

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