October 25, 2012 – Our Father Inside

We rise this morning with SUN CONJUNCT SATURN, exact in the middle of the night.  Our father is stirring within today. We’re writing a “new book of law,” for our future. This means our father’s thoughts, beliefs and words, that live within us, can be purified and reformed with new vocabulary, beliefs and living infrastructure. SATURN is the great planetary FATHER in the family of planets that cycle through our wheel of life.  He/She is the firmness within us. This planetary part of our body–lit up today by the SUN–contributes to our bones, our teeth, and our bank account. If any of these things are in need of light, today is the day, to infuse those places with new light and new life, composting the old stories, myths, challenges and imbalances for new ones.

MOON makes a T-SQUARE with MARS and JUPITER, in Sagittarius and Gemini, calling us to overlook mis-spoken words, be curious about what people really mean, rather than what they say, and ask ourselves if our feelings are telling us something important today. Feelings are living expressions of things inside that are moving and changing all the time. As we feel things, they move and change. If we forget to feel them, they can be stuck there for years. Tears allow feelings to move on down the river, replaced by fresh light and compassion. With the MOON in Pisces, tears and rain are healing blessings.

MERCURY SEXTILE VENUS at 10:12 am, pdt, is a creative communications boost.  We are given the gift of humor, light hearted fun, and the ability to love others with our words. This day is lifted by this light within, here to rewrite all our stories, re-routing pathways so there are more happy endings.

May we intend to script new pathways within us, rewriting the structure, authority, and “river-banks,” within us, to send us into a more joyful outcome.


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