October 24 2012 – Water Wheel

MOON enters Pisces at 4 am, pdt, CONJUNCTING NEPTUNE in its home-sign at 4:49 am, pdt.

Rising this morning at 6:53 am, pdt, SUN is TRINE MOON, creating a Magical Triangle between masculine and feminine, feelings and expression.

MOON TRINE SATURN, Pisces to Scorpio, at 8:09 am, pdt donates good food and hugs to our day.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO in the evening at 5:32 pm, pdt is a celestial serenade. We’re singing our soul and our soul is singing us this evening.

May the gentle spirit of Pisces touch us with soft green regenerative kindness, while deepening our truth-factor.

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