October 23, 2012 – Choose Joy over Communications Challenge

MOON in Aquarius TRINE JUPITER in Gemini at 2:06 am, gives us far-reaching dream-communications. Arising with our Cosmic Aquarian MOON lifted off the JUPITERIAN positive vibe.

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE at 4:15 am, pdt is also a JOY aspect–we are meant to fulfill our dreams. We are meant to architect a new world, shine our love into this world, give love, receive love and BE LOVE!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 6:27 pm, may have us “crashing,” from hunger or tiredness, its good to take extra care of self in these electrically challenging moments like MOON SQUARE MERCURY. Eat and Rest well this evening and feed the hungry ancestors. If we feel restless, we can light a candle for the ancestors, call in the angels and create a portal of light for any lost spirits around us, to go home.

May we allow the joy, temper the over-critical nature, and release the “love-flood-gates,” encouraging Self-Love, Loving Relationships and a Healthy Creative Side, flourishing its creativity!

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