October 22, 2012 – One Wish, Serving our Dreams

We moved through the tension of MOON in Aquarius SQUARE SATURN in deep Scorpio in the middle of the night, a place of potential fear, constriction, discipline, and/or re-structuring. When we feel a constriction, it can cause fear. Constriction is a force amongst all the forces, that make a balanced universe. If constriction is near, we can harness it, by making the observation there is “constriction energy,” how can i use this? I can do a round of yoga, or gym routine, constricting myself to a yoga mat or a metal piece of equipment, and see how i feel after that. Or I can say no to thoughts that are causing suffering and “constrict” my mind to certain thoughts that are appropriate to move me forward in a higher self kind of way.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 8am pdt, gives a spark of magic to our morning. From a place of limitation, or perceived sadness, we are gifted with a shaft of magic light, offering us one wish. (or two wishes). Whatever we choose to focus our one wish on, it will manifest. URANUS is a planet of invisible magic.

SUN is in airy Libra’s last degree until it shifts to Tropical, Seasonal Scorpio. Mercury and Saturn are already in Scorpio, digging into our world’s shadow content and thinning veils.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 6:16 pm, pdt offers charged energy. What will we do with this charged energy? It is electrical, emotional and action-oriented.

May we channel energy in ways that serve our own purification of darkness, density and rigidity. May we lighten our hearts, our arts and our dreams with thoughts that serve them.