October 21, 2012 – Triangle to Square

This morning MOON in Capricorn is TRINE VENUS in Virgo at 7:29 am, pdt. This is a sweet feminine link between nurturing receptive past-life MOON and creative, magnetic, sensual VENUS.

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY right away by 8:05 am and our morning is a sweet gentle morning with good-feeling communications.

SUN SQUARE MOON this evening at 8:32 pm, pdt is our FIRST QUARTER SQUARE, stepping us up to the LIGHT SIDE of the lunar cycle. This is the waxing energy-full quarter, where whatever we’ve been doing all this cycle–is coming up to peak and fruition in a week. We’ll rise for the next week, on our thoughts and intentions, actions and words, flowering. This SQUARE sends the MOON into the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius.

MOON enters Aquarius at 10:02 pm, pdt, coming into a SQUARE with SATURN in Scorpio in the middle of the night. We may ask ourselves, how do we balance the vast network of global community, with the intense needs for meditation, alone-time and focus? SATURN in Scorpio for two years will ask us this, especially when SQUARED by an Aquarian visitor.

Today is the last day of SUN in Libra! Tomorrow the SUN enters Scorpio, adding more power, depth and penetrating energy into our collective. The SUN lights up the area of Scorpio for the next month, for us to host the power and intensity of the way the MYSTERIES of death, birth and healing play out in our lives. We are stewards of these mysteries.

May the ease and light-heartedness of this day be fully enjoyed and richly received in preparation for a busy week ahead.

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