October 20, 2012 – Birth and Death Preparation

We rise this morning in the Awakening Cauldron, with MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 6:49 am, pdt. MOON SQUARED URANUS pre-dawn, so we may feel some slightly frantic or electrical energy as we rise. PLUTO asks us for Full Surrender. PLUTO says, are you willing to “let go of everything,” as if you are dead?  And, if you do that, what matters then?  When PLUTO comes, we either make Love or War with the intensity. PLUTO rarely gives us rest, unless we’re dead, and then we’re busy transitioning dimensions. Usually when PLUTO is around, we’re busy with a new birth, a death, or a cathartic shocking shift. Our best action is to step into the shift and stay conscious, reaching for the miracles. We are all connected, alive and dead and we’re all moving forward on an evolutionary journey. There does seem to be a symphony unfolding within us. so we are called to play our piece of music with our instrument.

Infrastructure, Preparation, and Clean Clothes are all needed to show up for the Great Birth of humanity. Even though there is a new birth of us, there are still dishes to do and feet to wash.   We are preparing for this great birth and we’re both the midwives and the tender baby butterfly in the cocoon, wondering what it will be like on the “other side.” MOON is in Capricorn for the weekend, taking care of business, getting ready for an unusual birth coming.

MOON TRINES VENUS tomorrow morning and there is soft love in the air. Love soothes, cooks, massages, touches, and oogles on the beauty all around. We are human instruments of love – able to transform any frown of another into a smile in a single gesture. We are magical love machines. We are just beginning to use this gifting and blessing magic. We may light up this world with loving acts.

MOON is waxing and its a good time to work on our “mountain.” Whatever we’re working on that feels like it has so much work in front of us–we can climb it, build it, or reach it, one step at a time, one preparation piece on top of another. One phone call, one letter, conversation, connection after the next, we build masterpieces that seem like miracles. This is that time.

May we be courageous enough to go for what we are getting “inklings” to do, wise enough to do it from the ground up, and faithful enough to take the small steps each day. May we be ingenious with our preparations today, paving the way . . .