October 19, 2012 – Little Messes Making Big Shifts

MOON SQUARE VENUS pre-dawn has a kind of “messes,” complex. We may run into tension with ourselves or our feminine allies, related to “little messes,” we make physically, emotionally or mentally. These days, “little messes,” tend to be signicators or “tips of the icebergs,” of giant shadow pieces that are rising up to be “melted,” revealed and healed.  We can encourage this process by using communications and other tools, to melt, reveal, mend and heal.

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 1:26 pm, pdt gifts a harmony between masculine and feminine before sending us into some kind of a VOID, between fiery Sagittarius and Ground-Breaking Capricorn at 6:41 pm, pdt.

Just after the MOON enters Capricorn in the eve, grounding us back into “traction energy,” from “slippery void energy,” this earth MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 7:31 pm, for getting us in touch with the “larger cosmic flow,” and MOON SEXTILES SATURN in Scorpio at 9:33 pm, pdt. We have the matter and the fire to build something important that will support us with resources and “flow,” into the future, meanwhile offering something valuable to the collective.

In the middle of the night tonight, the Capricorn MOON SQUARES URANUS, one corner of the Awakening Cauldron, then touches PLUTO in Capricorn, pre-dawn, at 6:50 am, pdt, offering us a friendly death, rite of passage, or intestinal cleanse, before or after we arise tomorrow morning.

May the personal to collective and personal structure-building aspects of today support an authentic flowering of life’s work that is soul-based, may be rooted in an unknown unfolding path, and blesses us with grace when we step out in courage.

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