October 16, 2012 – Rooting the Tree of Love, through the rocky soil

MOON in deep water Scorpio SEXTILES its own planet PLUTO in Capricorn. We can touch our soul at dawn as light begins to stream in this morning.

MERCURY SEXTILE VENUS at 5:31 am, pdt sparks our communications fly-on-our-own wall. If you were a “fly on the wall,” of your own life, what would you see?  MERCURY INCONJUCT JUPITER in Gemini may have us questioning how we can take ourselves higher?

VENUS SQUARE JUPITER this afternoon at 4:34 pm, pdt, may be a creative or love challenge from the practical world to the expansive spontaneous world of ideas that leaps ahead of practicality with joy! Can we keep up with our own genius?  This is a day to work out the practical miracles that will make our visions possible.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS and MERCURY this evening at 7:16 and 7:23 pdt adds a twist of personal alchemy into the creative problem solving. There are little magical resources popping through the night veils. They are secret and hidden and we might miss them if we don’t look deeply into the night for the mysteries it has for us.

MOON goes into the VOID with the VENUS/MERCURY/MOON magic, until tomorrow evening, when MOON enters Sagittarius. Wednesday is a MOON VOID of course day all day. It could feel slippery for accomplishment, but is a good day to tie up old loose ends or meditating before action.

May the practical magic of today lift our creative expression from the mindy ideas into the deep waters of creation, ready for birthing.


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