October 14, 2012 – DARK MOON Healing Breeze

MOON SEXTILE MARS may have had us up in the middle of the night. MOON OPPOSED URANUS and SQUARED PLUTO (our awakening cauldron) in the middle of the night.  (I was up late in the middle of the night).

MARS SQUARE CHIRON late morning at 11:47 am, pdt is a sharp healing crunch moment. We are called to action in our healing journey.  We know what we need to do!  This could involve a physical body practice linked with soul body.

MOON TRINE JUPITER in the evening at 6:44 pm, pdt, is a grace gift! Both planets are in air signs, giving us light hearts and laughter even in the deep dark MOON time!  We can allow ourselves to slide all the way down into our depths, giggling at insecurities, fears of the unknown, and little bugs that whisper scary things in our ears about the future–these can all be released for the warm soft authentic fabric of life that holds us lovingly, in absolute and constant response. If we can think, imagine, dream and act, then the fabric of life will serve us by creating form for us and with us. We must imagine, for it to work. We must dream, long and ask for what we desire, deep in our heart and soul’s.

May our questions and musings today be filled with the wonder of unconditional universal love.