October 13, 2012 – SATURN celebration ~ Freedom!

This morning we rise into an airy day of MOON in Libra, VOID until entering Libra at 4:02 pm, pdt. (Pacific Daylight Time)  For the last two years, every time the MOON entered the relationship and justice sign of Libra, SATURN has been sitting there, and MOON has touched this ultimate constriction and restructure point, every time it entered the balancing air sign. Now–for the first time in two years–the MOON enters Libra, without SATURN sitting there.

SATURN is an ultimate point of constriction and the one who makes the physical existence possible. If we did not have the ability to “constrict,” and lower our vibration to being dense enough to be “physical,” then we may not exist.  So we thank Saturn for this service to existence, and also feel the FREEDOM of Libra, after Saturn has done its work, and left!  We are free. This freedom is about authenticity in relationship and socially, at work and at play. We went through two years of “killing off all the falsity,” and now we can find or augment our light heart, possibly buried under two years of change rubble.

Now SATURN has entered the deep realm–the places we don’t always like to visit, like toilets, plumbing, intestines, shadow side, roots, and deep wells of power that may currently be hidden, covered or lost. Now we face two years of SATURN in Scorpio. We are getting into some grunge and clearing shadow, wherever needed, for two years. Whatever strength may have been built in relationships while SATURN was in Libra, will now be put to the test, as we “take it deeper.”

NEW MOON is on Monday Morning. We have an opportunity to recreate Relationship, social fabric and self-talk. If our Self-Love-Quotient is low, we need to work on this, by feeding ourselves positive thoughts, no matter what is happening. We can re-mind mantras like: I am a glorious star in a body!  I am filled with the creative potential of the universe and can change anything i can imagine. I can create anything. Anything is possible. Things may not look good, but I am at choice and can begin with a clear intention to create anything that is needed to remedy this situation. I can change my situation by changing myself or moving myself from the situation.  We can join forces and change the things that need changing, together. With clear intention, anything is possible.

Even though we’re coming down in the Solar Cycle, now to the lower fall winter side, and energy is waning, power is unwinding, and all the “build up of our life this year,” is falling like leaves off of trees, there is a quiet peace about this time.  Meanwhile, next year’s life is stirring, making plans, and calling us into the future. However in the now, the life-force energy wanes and we head toward constrictive, cold, inward winter, in the northern hemisphere. SATURN’s Season is coming.

For today, we’re in a low lunar and waning solar energy, a gentle unwinding time to relax and let go of things we may hold on to just a little too tightly. Death is an ally, especially when it is a parasite we are killing off. In a larger archetypal journey in the awakening cauldron, this lunar cycle has been the DEVIL cycle, when we are faced with our own attachments at their roots. We are called to look at selfishness, our own darkness and the way it is just a mask to be laughed with and move on. Next, as we head into this next New Moon, we enter the cycle of the TOWER in the “larger scheme of human awakening.” This TOWER archetype may enter our reality with such force that our perception and lives are changed forever.

May we welcome this shift, because although volatile and rapidly shifting, THE TOWER (living archetype) will free us of “walls,” barriers and exterior ideas that were false all along. We may have thought they gave us safety, but actually, they were the walls of our prison. This TOWER lunar cycle is about freeing ourselves from the walls of our own emprisoned mind.  Many things will be “freed” from the barriers that were once there.

May this day of peace be nothing less than the blessed calm before the Awakening Storm coming. We are in this Awakening Cauldron and the pressure is to change. Today we can take a breath and relax. May we allow this peace to sink in deeply–giving us intuition for the future. We are free.

Tomorrow is another intense AWAKENING CAULDRON day, with MOON tapping the URANUS PLUTO SQUARE in the middle of the night, pre-dawn. May your inner light be with you on the journey of tomorrow, heading into DARK MOON inner listening time.