October 10, 2012 – Solutions, Magic and Grace

This morning MERCURY is TRINE PLUTO, exact in the middle of the night. We’re linking our communications piece with our soul piece. The last few days and weeks have held some challenging and initiatory aspects for us to move through. Today, the aspects give us support, magic and even some fun if we can go there.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 11:36 am, pdt gifts us with expansive magic. We can aim for the stars and feel supported in this aim. We may not solve all our problems or enact all the solutions in this moment or this cycle, however we can see the light “at the end of the tunnel,” of the transition from our old world and a new world we are just beginning to weave. This gift of vision can be applied to any area, with a little focus.

SUN SEXTILE MOON this afternoon at 2:40 pm, pdt, sends the MOON into the VOID, perhaps offering us an afternoon hike or a “late afternoon of romance.” If we are not romancing a person, we may enjoy the harmony within us, or we may use this sextile support for tying loose ends, especially between masculine and feminine energies.

SATURN TRINE NEPTUNE (in effect all day), exact at 7:38 pm, connects our invisible world and our physical world in a supportive way. With the recent NEPTUNE MARS SQUARE, last Sunday evening, our psychic and “invisible world energy” places are “all stirred up.” This TRINE has the power to settle all the aggravated psychic waters. We can cleanse our psychic space with sage, or for advanced issues, we can pour alcohol on epsom salts and light them on fire (in a fire-safe dish or pan) and allow the cleansing smoke to clear the space. We can take salt baths and call angels and guides into our field and ask them to remove energies that don’t serve our highest expression of self.  SATURN TRINE NEPTUNE is a great time to instill new patterns, and create spiritual or healing infrastructure for ourselves and our families.  SATURN is the structure and NEPTUNE is the flow (through the structure).

May we feel the grace and possibility before us in this magical day. May we see the solutions we need for our world, as they shimmer before us, calling us to the next tiny step.

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