October 8, 2012 – Tending Big Healing Soup at Crosroads

Pre-dawn, we transition from the light side of the lunar cycle to the waning dark quadrant. We’re called into deep listening of our bodies, psyches and emotions. What are our deep needs for tending, nourishing and listening to self deeply?  If we feel frazzled or unclear about anything in life–that is a call to meditation. Wherever we feel challenged in life, we can meditate on the situation, asking our imaginary, sensory intelligence to “see” into the situation. If we look and listen long enough, we will see something new and important that assists us in our journey to healing and wholeness with all of life.

VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS at 6:55 am, pdt activates us even amidst our unknown soup cauldron of experience, situational pressure and psychic MARS contact (from yesterday’s MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE).   We may feel awkward on our earth-journey at times, walking or driving through life at our “control panel,” realizing we were not always as informed as we wish we were. It can feel like, “somebody forgot the instruction manual here,” and pray for guidance. With our SATURN in Scorpio, we can invoke deep spiritual disciplines at this time, in response to guidance we receive, that support deep pattern-based changes.

SUN TRINE JUPITER this evening at 10:52 pm, pdt, is a ray of sunlight, laughter, insight, and good luck in a much needed watery, soupy moment. There is deep water with MERCURY and SATURN freshly into SCORPIO, now that we head into the dark part of our creation cycle. We can enjoy ourselves amidst a rapidly cooking healing soup and crossroads abounding before us.

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON at 11:48 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time), gives us late night healing soup communications. We may download a cosmic recipe book this evening, for our healing journey ahead. Since MERCURY is in deep water Scorpio, this Recipe for our Healing, is not just light healing, but rather deep shamanic and ancestral in nature. We are called to see deeply dark shadowy patterns that are so insidious that they usually “go unnoticed.” These shadowy fabrics that veil us, are able to be penetrated and unveiled with the penetration of the Scorpio season.  These shadow pieces rise up for us to see so we can make choices to clean and clear.  Sometimes the best way to “clean and clear” old patterns, is to invoke and invite new light and new energy that replace the old ones.

May our deep pattern shifts be filled with cleansing renewing healing light. May we release our old stuck ways willingly. May we feel the joy of healthier pathways. May we be filled with the syncronicity of prayerful living.


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