October 7, 2012 – Spritual Crossroads & Big Healing Soup

Pre-dawn, MOON SEXTILE VENUS kissed us with tenderness. MOON SQUARE URANUS at 6:15 am, pdt offers us, again–our Personal Awakening Vessel. This time, this vessel is connected to a giant healing soup!

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 7:55 am, pdt, (Cancer to Capricorn) is a mini-death.We are learning how to nourish ourselves amidst this intense radical shift energy.  This opposition joins the unfolding MERCURY SATURN CONJUNCTION and NEW RITE OF PASSAGE OPENING, in deep-water, cathartic Scorpio. SATURN has been in Libra for two years, constricting us socially and relationally for a needed rewire and change in how we relate and how we socialize.

Just as MERCURY and SATURN CONJUNCTED (Friday, Oct 5), both planets shifted from Libra to Scorpio–marking an end and beginning of a MERCURY/SATURN cycle–along with an archetypal fabric shift for SATURN, our planet of work, lessons, constriction, boundaries, restructuring, death/rebirth as a tempering force, and fathers. SATURN now moves into the depths of our Scorpio realms, for some cathartic restructuring–for two years! This cathartic restructuring is in the realm of PLUTO (part of our awakening vessel of change of 2012-2015) by SQUARING URANUS. SATURN will join these two revolutionaries in a mutual reception with PLUTO, as PLUTO is in SATURN’s sign and SATURN is in PLUTO’s sign. This gives power to the snake-shedding its skin, death and rebirth of SATURNIAN infrastructure as we know it. This is good timing!  (since we’ve become an unsustainable cultural infrastructure, upon our planet), we need this mutual reception from the Great Ones of Change. Structural Change (SATURN) allying with Life and Death Changes (PLUTO), Economic Death and Rebirth, again and again, and the revealing, clearing and rewiring of deception, into bare bones truth.

Note from the blogger: I awoke in my own deep spiritual process of transformation and change. I was speechless when i saw the soulful soupy combination of energies. It took me hours to know what to write! Finally, I wrote this blog, then it disappeared when i went to publish it! At that moment, i had to decide whether to take the time to write it again, (and miss ecstatic dance) or to run to Ecstatic Dance (a lil late) and catch my favorite community dance!  I chose the dance, so i apologize for those of you who would have wished to have this yesterday. In the future the blog will be written in advance–but these days it is still written in the morning of each day.

MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE at 7:10 pm, is an active tension energy between a vast unknown invisible world and a MARS energy. In the past, I’ve observed this square to be quite weird at times in its expression. This is a cycle shift in the MARS/NEPTUNE cycle.  We’re called to explore themes of war, psychic attack, loss of power, loss in general. We are called to acceptance, forgiveness, collaboration with the invisible world, reclaiming of lost spiritual power, and spiritual exploration.  MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE in its higher side, calls us to active spiritual practice and all the actions that unfold from a Pure Heart–in service to humanity.

VENUS OPPOSITE CHIRON at 8:04 pm is a Deep Feminine Healing Dialogue with erotic, healing, teaching CHIRON. Every one of us has this VENUS part of self, inner feminine, creative, sensual, affectionate, beauty-oriented, artistic, color-filled feminine side, which cooked a soup in the evening for healing and deep dialogue with CHIRON.

When we allow ourselves to see, feel and hear truths we haven’t seen, felt or heard before, it can cause us to change forever in big and small ways. We’re in path-opening, path-changing time. This evening is for wisdom and healing.

MOON SQUARE SUN late night after midnight pdt, (pacific daylight time), brings us from the waning LIGHT SIDE of the LUNAR CYCLE to the WANING DARK QUARTER of the lunar creation cycle that holds our daily changing lives. This part of the cycle is about completions, endings, sewing up loose ends, healing resting, going within, and listening.

May all losses be filled with new creative life, may all grief be turned to revelatory renewing of spiritual connection, may all pain turn to medicine. May all unclear psychic energy be cleared with waterfalls of clarifying cleansing rainbow light.

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