October 5, 2012 – Mental Constriction Reset Button

SATURN CONJUNCT MERCURY at 2:44 am, pre-dawn, hit the RESET BUTTON, in the MERCURY SATURN CYCLE. The planetary conjunction most associated with Patterns of Thinking, and Patterns of Speaking. We have a New Beginning. This New Beginning, with SATURN involved, happens with an ultimate constriction, a core learning, a super-grounding, a “bare-bones moment” of tension, which is a Death and Rebirth for our psyche in some way.

By the morning, MERCURY has already crossed into Scorpio–sign of the intense, deeply emotional, focused one. Our mind is in for catharsis–and deep changes, potential contacts with soul, with deep healing, or sexual intimacy. MOON TRINE SUN at 6:41 am is a Masculine Feminine gift. We are gifts for each other, no mater what we go through–we are here for and with each other.

SATURN enters Scorpio, joining MERCURY in the sign of deep cathartic things that go “bump” in the night. Scorpio is the realm of our shadow, the hidden, transformation, sex, the money we share with others, and pure power of our penetrating focus of attention. We’re building new structure now–structure that will take us into the future. We are building new ways of thinking, being, new transportation models, and new infrastructure where the old version is shutting down or overworked, or clearly unsustainable.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER at 2:08 pm, pdt gifts us with an expansion of purpose, emotion, vision, and ancestral connection–we may be called to listen. This MOON JUPITER conjunct is an ECLIPSE of the MOON over JUPITER, freshly RETROGRADE. This Jupiter, is retrograding over our thoughts, words, writings and communications systems, reminding us of places of shadow that need a little Jupiterian light–a special kind of light.

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE at 3:07 pm, pdt is a river of change of words. Our minds are being made into more pliable material so we can bend, flex and flow with other human beings more effectively. We can allow our mind to be bathed in tears, spirit, or springwater–whatever feels best.

This day was so much about the physical world–the astrologer was not able to “get digital today,” I apologize for the delay in this day’s writing. It is a reset, a phoenix of psyche and pattern. May your mind’s phoenix continue to transform you in all the best ways!



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