October 4, 2012 – Here we go Loop De Loo (JUPITER RETROGRADE)

MOON this morning is in airy Gemini, after spending time in grassy grazing Taurus, we’re ready to move faster, with our wings and words, now in Gemini.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS in the middle of the night and SQUARE NEPTUNE early this morning at 6:16 am, pdt was the same moment of the JUPITER STATION. All of this happening early this morning. We’re rising out of a potentially hectic dreamtime, into a day of light and humor amidst the grunge.

I see a “foreshadowing of political confusion, humor, and revelation coming!” I’m so happy Big Bird has joined the ranks of political figures now. It sounds like we’re getting “closer to home.” Home being a place of peace, truth and justice that reads on all levels, by all beings. As we all know we’ve “strayed far from this home,” and are now walking back. JUPITER knows this, and is directing an upcoming scene that we’re all going to enjoy, with two planetary forces JUPITER and MERCURY, tag-teaming with little and big humor’s joining forces for a big laugh and more awakening, now in politics!

JUPITER is like a cosmic Ganesh, who sees the messes humans have gotten ourselves into, and offers guidance, humor and a glass of cosmic wine, that we drink and become authentically merry and wise. What does JUPITER RETROGRADE in a PLUTO SQUARE URANUS SEASON have in store for our Election Journey?  We’ll likely see some of the “Loop De Loo” we’ll be facing during the election, around the FULL MOON at the very end of October, around all Hallows Eve. May humor be the savior and the director of this election season, so we can laugh at any injustice attempted and allow JUSTICE to take its right place in leadership.  MERCURY will join JUPITER RETROGRADE, by going RETROGRADE at 3:04 pm pdt, on November 6.  The tricksters will be afoot.  May we laugh and be wise.

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 7:56 am, pdt gives us good creative tension to work with. There is grunge and it is good to be with this grunge in whatever way is needed to face it, clear it, do what is needed and move forward. (or backward) whatever is best.

MOON closest to SUN this evening as it is sextile URANUS at 5:39 pm for an extra zap charge of action, awakening, and renewed inspiration.

Tomorrow has big work for us with a MERCURY SATURN CONJUNCTION pre-dawn, just before MERCURY departs Libra for Scorpio. Were gaining focus, power and ability to manifest with our words, as Mercury leaves justice-seeking air for penetrating deep water.  Tomorrow our words, communications and structure-building matters. Today we can prepare.

Wings, Feet, Humor and Delete, Type the words that paint a better world, live the life that fits inside that world, design and build what is gentle upon the earth, in alignment with the heavens and upping the happiness quotient. JUPITER says: laugh more!



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