October 3, 2012 – Lost and Found at Sea & JUPITER RETRO-ALCHEMY AT PLAY

Astrologer was in transition–without internet–and in MOON TEMPLE this morning.

The only aspect today is VENUS freshly into Virgo, OPPOSING NEPTUNE in Pisces at 3:26 pm, pdt.  This opposition can have us feeling lost and/or found at sea. The ocean is a beautiful place, can be overwhelming and we can get lost, but as long as we’re breathing, heart is beating, and we’re listening and responding, then all is well, eyes are open, head is “above water,” and we’re floating along nicely.  Blessings on the river journey today.

JUPITER is STATIONARY RETROGRADE tomorrow at 6:18 am, so today, our JUPITER is slowing down to go RETROGRADE  (from earth’s perspective).   That means today, there are circles, within circles, within cosmic retrogrades. Notice the things that make you go, “Oh yes, that must be an expression of JUPITER stationing to go retrograde, because its so wacky.”

May your circular, Jupiterian, Venusian, Neptunian day, be a place within which to find a calm center, amidst paradoxes, and directional shifts. May we see the gifts that emerge from this sacred geometry of JupitaVenus-atune day. Smooth Sailing your way.