October 1, 2012 – Fiery Communications Furnace Morning into Slow Sweet Evening

As we arise this morning the energy is bubbling from a fiery Aries cauldron of MOON and URANUS, allies in our wacky pressure cooking awakening vessel., OPPOSITE MERCURY in Cardinal Air Sign, Libra, pre-dawn. We may feel wired with some kind of otherworldly charge.

MOON TRINES VENUS in the afternoon, at 1:06 pm, pdt, Aries to Leo, giving us a hot cooking fire, upon which we can set our creative soup–as it bubbles, insights, limitations and bits of every aspect of it fly up and mix together–changing form into something more harmonized. This energy is warm and creative, bright and receptive. With MOON TRINE VENUS we can “hear ourselves think” today. We can listen to our own creative urges and see what “bubbles up” today.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 3:32 pm, pdt (Aries to Libra) is asking us to master the masculine feminine balancing act we’ve been working on for the last two years. Its almost time to complete this great work we’ve all been diligently tending of SATURN through Libra. We’re tending relationship, within and without. We’re learning about what works in partnership and collaboration and what does not work. Today we’re given a completion clue, perhaps assisting us to complete an old way of relating to ourselves and/or others that we know, is time to go.

As SATURN transitions from Libra to Scorpio on October 6, we will enter a different piece of two year work. We’ll leave the lighter realm of social activity and partnership negotiations, and enter a deeper place of invisible magic, sexual power, psychological healing and deeper collaborations. We need to pierce through the veils now, deeper. With saturn in Scorpio, our work is to look into the shadow and speak to it, disarm it, enlight it, sing it, dance it, and heal it.

MOON enters the VOID for an hour when it OPPOSES SATURN at 3:32 pm, pdt, until grounding into Taurus at 4:26 pm, pdt. We need this slowing-down energy after the speedy fiery energy of Aries opposite all in airy combustable Libra! Grounding fire into earth can provide productivity for all creative people!

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 5:59 pm, pdt gives us a “telephone to the Divine.” We can receive a river of peaceful flowing wisdom by being receptive and open to this contact tonight. NEPTUNE in Pisces can wash over us with tenderness, illusion, or deep inner silence, where we can hear our soul and receive transmissions from our higher self.

May the diverse energies of today provide achievable foot-holds for creative mountains we’ve been climbing.