September 30, 2012 – Oh my Soul! What now?

Did a FULL MOON ever give you visions? Did a FULL MOON ever ask you questions? Questions you hadn’t thought of before?  Has a FULL MOON ever opened the cupboard of your soul storyline, with what happens before you in your life? Our lives likely had events line up before us that pull on deep threads, woven in levels and ways, that we didn’t know about, until the FULL MOON lit them up in THAT way.   Have you ever thought you were facing the worst thing possible and then it became the best thing possible?  Perceptual shift, is one of the most powerful and lasting changes a human being can go through, and it can happen in a FULL MOON like this.

Yesterday’s FULL MOON was at 8:19 pm, pdt, in ARIES at seven degrees, opposite a seven degree Libra SUN. This FULL MOON is about healing deep Plutonian Capricornian-Aries  wounds that have caused separation and violence in our culture.  This separation consciousness, rooted in all of our psyches, has led to violent thinking and violent acting, toward ourselves and others, in ways we ourselves may not have seen. Non-Violent Communications classes–as a general premise teach us this, however this FULL MOON may light it up in ways we can see it, change it, and live differently now.

THIS FULL MOON is a potent and transformational opportunity to balance the masculine and feminine stories within us, as the MOON (mother) has been in (Mars’ sign) Aries, OPPOSITE SUN, in Libra (Venus’ sign). With our masculine side (SUN) in a feminine sign and our feminine side–(MOON) in a masculine sign, we are doing special alchemy that balances these two within and without.  Adding to this balancing act, we have VENUS in a masculine sign (Leo) while MARS is in a feminine sign (Scorpio).

Today, MOON in Aries SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini, at 1:40 pm, pdt wants us to throw open the doorways that exist between our psyche and soul, and melt multiple perceptual limitations, so we can “be the people we’ve been waiting for”–for real–not just as a nice story, but for real. Although we’ve been taught by our bad media and bad leadership, that the world is a dangerous place, eventually, we discover the truth, that the whole universe is built on a foundation of LOVE, mothered eternally by LOVE. Eventually we embody, and receive LOVE. The big challenge now, is to bring the LOVE HERE, on EARTH, (instead of waiting until we are dead) to discover our spiritual selves, and heart-based-multi-dimensional reality.  We have the opportunity to have this discovery from inside of the dense, physical, veiled-from-spirit, yet beautiful BODY!

If we are writers, editors, wordsmiths, leaders, revolutionaries or birthing stewards, this is a big day! All of us do these tasks at one time or another and this just may be that time!

May the magic of expanded perception gift your life today–in unexpected ways, in soulful ways, and in self-loving ways.


September 29, 2012 – FULL MOON of Relationship with Self Cooking

Happy FULL MOON!! –rising to FULL in the Cardinal firesign of Aries at 8:19 pm, pdt, this evening. Aries has more firepower than any other sign. It has the rocket-ship capability to blast us into a new solar system. For us this could be a whole new way of seeing ourselves within the world. If we don’t love, appreciate, respect and value our own essence, being, mission, vision, passion, and desires, as sacred, then the people around us won’t either. This is no ordinary Aries FULL MOON, it is a peak shift point in the Human Awakening Cauldron of 2011-2016. URANUS SQUARE PLUTO, the cauldron makers, are still in a tight square, which was exact on September 18. Moving slowly, these two culture changers, are holding a pressure-filled tension to change for each one of us uniquely. This Aries FULL MOON forms a T-SQUARE with this Cauldron aspect, tossing us into this awakening cauldron, as if we are a chickpea, needing to be cooked and flavored so we can integrate more effectively into the world.

SUN OPPOSED URANUS pre-dawn, for a shift aspect that happens once a year. We have the electrical energy to change, complete, and shift whatever we need to. Where in our lives are we called to be a revolutionary today?  What needs to break-through?  What aspect of our creative expression is longing to come out?  Today we are activated in creativity, freedom and invention. There can be a polarizing quality to a FULL MOON or a SUN OPPOSITE URANUS. It is our responsibility to temper the extremes of these oppositions, in ourselves and others–with compassion and humor.

SUN SQUARE PLUTO at 10:55 am, pdt, offers a soulful catharsis, inviting a death of what is not working and a rebirth of what will work better, in the realms of relationship, leadership, self-love, and creative expression. The cardinal T-SQUARE of the FULL MOON will take its transformation to OPPOSE SATURN in Libra on Monday afternoon, anchoring the changes into our relationships. Today and tomorrow, we can encourage the kind of self-care that that will strengthen our self-clarity, so when the opposition from the practical relational world comes on Monday, we are ready to meet it with clarity.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries at 6:40 pm, pdt is an inner revolution. MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS once a lunar cycle, however today’s conjunction is within a FULL MOON, and joined by the SUN OPPOSITE URANUS. This geometry calls us into self-revolution at a level of our essence, life-force, soul and authentic power. (not the kind of power that comes from worldly things, but the power that comes when we align more fully with our soul.)  This alignment leads to more focused purpose, clearer self-expression of this purpose, and the destiny that we ride when we’re dropped in to our right-work here on earth. If we are not in our right work yet, so we feel the satisfaction of that, this weekend is a time to shed the old and make way for our more fully expressed self.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 7:35 pm, pdt, Aries to Capricorn is the aspect of the day that most diggs into our soul, our life-purpose and what we may have really come here to do and be.

After we’ve been worked over yesterday through today, there is a peak, this evening, at the FULL MOON, of the catharsis we are in. With PLUTO in Capricorn, directly involved, we’re faced with places we have attachment to things that don’t serve us. Like the DEVIL archetype of the tarot, these energies call us to let go of conventional thinking and attachments that won’t serve the future. The light side of the DEVIL happens when we let go of our unhealthy patterns and break our own convention by acting outside of our own boxes.

This FULL MOON at 8:19 pm, dares us to shine more, touch our soul and the souls of others more deeply, and try things that seem radical or “too unconventional,” to an old-world-mind. Today, the forces of nature can help us to gracefully dissolve old bad thoughts, filling them with new light and new thought.

May we grab our soul by the horns, charioteering ourselves through the abyss of radical shift, to the shores of the new world we create together.

September 28, 2012 – Big Feelings into Potent Actions

MOON in Pisces SQUARE JUPITER in Gemini challenges us to hear our vast feeling realm with all of its nuances and discomforts, longings and crinkles. From this place of big feelings, we can develop actions that will expand our right livelihood, our ability to heal and be fulfilled, as well as our ability to act in alignment with the future that calls us into creating it. Jupiter in Gemini provides us with expanded ideas, and magical powers of words and thoughts. With these Jupiterian magic powers in Gemini–we can write the future with our mind and hands today and while Jupiter is in Gemini.

MOON in vast water TRINES MARS in deep water Scorpio. Our actions can penetrate deeply into the fabric of existence. We can start a new career, or reform our old career. We can change how we work with money and resources, aligning our use of energy more with the earth’s paradigm of generosity and recycling, than with human greed.  This shift from greed to earth-aligned power can bring an energetic upgrade to our life that leads to deeper more authentic fulfillment from our actions.

May we realign our resource-generation self with the regenerative capacity of the earth upon which we live.

September 27, 2012 – Masculine Feminine Sound-track Revision

Last night in the middle of the night, MARS in Scorpio SQUARED VENUS in Leo, for a fire-water tension for growth and movement in areas of power, love, money, creativity and intimacy.

MOON CONJUNCTED NEPTUNE on its way into Pisces last night, giving us big waters of imagination, spirit and rivers to swim in like fish.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO (Pisces to Capricorn) at 11:11 am, pdt, reminds me of Elvis’ planetary combination. We can create the musical sound-track to our life today. If we’d like to change the tone we’ve been living, we can change the sound track!  This is a great aspect for writing music and singing, for creating a new rythm in song or life.

With the VENUS -MARS SQUARE, we may feel the places where the masculine feminine dance has not been as joyous or ascended as it could be. Today is a “sound-check,” where we get to “listen to our own music,” and determine if it needs refinement and upgrade.

May we rewrite the music of our life, with a few extra high notes, some more romantic lull’s and a plethora of regenerative explosions of song.


September 26, 2012 – Communications Power Home Shift

MERCURY TRINE JUPITER at 7:09 am, gives us communications power that we didn’t have before, if we’re aware of it. We’re ascending in our abilities to communicate on different levels.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS at 8:27 am, pdt creates tension between two feminine energies for some good work.

MOON SQUARE MARS at 9:04 am, pdt is an action shift point in the day.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 8:33 pm is a grounding support in the evening.

MOON into Pisces at 10:33 pm, pdt brings all our firey airy energies down into the vast oceans of compassion and sensitivity.

May we utilize the action and shift tensions of today for right action and power shifting.