September 28, 2012 – Big Feelings into Potent Actions

MOON in Pisces SQUARE JUPITER in Gemini challenges us to hear our vast feeling realm with all of its nuances and discomforts, longings and crinkles. From this place of big feelings, we can develop actions that will expand our right livelihood, our ability to heal and be fulfilled, as well as our ability to act in alignment with the future that calls us into creating it. Jupiter in Gemini provides us with expanded ideas, and magical powers of words and thoughts. With these Jupiterian magic powers in Gemini–we can write the future with our mind and hands today and while Jupiter is in Gemini.

MOON in vast water TRINES MARS in deep water Scorpio. Our actions can penetrate deeply into the fabric of existence. We can start a new career, or reform our old career. We can change how we work with money and resources, aligning our use of energy more with the earth’s paradigm of generosity and recycling, than with human greed.  This shift from greed to earth-aligned power can bring an energetic upgrade to our life that leads to deeper more authentic fulfillment from our actions.

May we realign our resource-generation self with the regenerative capacity of the earth upon which we live.