September 25, 2012 – Home to Divine – A Wizard’s Grand Air Trine

This morning MOON in Aquarius SEXTILES URANUS in Aries, pre-dawn, starting us off with a bunch of invisible magic and activity before we even wake up! URANUS is the invisible catalyst, lighting fires under the little and big ideas that move through today.  Everybody and everything is ignited with fire, and winds that lift us. We might as well see ourselves in a new vehicle that has more capacity than it has ever had before. We might be able to accomplish miles and miles in record speed or kiss the lips of the Divine.  We have magic in our pocket today–our focus is golden.

A GRAND TRINE in AIR gives us godspeed, communications activation, and partnership renewal.  We might receive a new perception, or a new communications tool with which we access more Divinity than before.

MOON in our new-era-bringer, Aquarius, TRINES MERCURY in Libra (partnership communicator), TRINES JUPITER in Gemini (one who gifts with words).

MOON TRINES MERCURY at 8:13 pm giving us some home-to-world-transforming communications power this evening.  MOON’s exact TRINE with JUPITER is at 9:31 pm, expanding us with activated buzzy manifestation energy–into the night. Our intentions, thoughts and focuses are creative forces. The breath of the Divine breathes through us today (as on all days),  today we can honor this breath in all ways.

The exact MERCURY TRINE JUPITER is tomorrow morning. A morning of Big Communications Magic. We are blessed and can bless others with our words and thoughts.

On a day like today–may we Be A Blessing, and may we Receive Blessings, in multitude.