September 24, 2012 – Community Relational Alchemy

MOON in Capricorn SEXTILED MARS in Scorpio in the middle of the night, giving us the ability to run a marathon in our sleep, pre-dawn. If we wake up tired, maybe we ran a far distance in dreamtime.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 2:19 pm, pdt is a last tap in our Relationship Restructureville of the last two years. SATURN in Libra is shifting our social fabric and our relationships deeply before it goes even deeper into our psyche’s, pocket books and sexual history when it enters Scorpio for 2013. MOON enters the VOID at this time, for an “in-between the worlds bubble,” in the middle of our Monday.

MOON enters Community Revolutionary Aquarius at 4:32 pm, pdt. Once in Air, MOON TRINES SUN in relational air at 8:57 pm, pdt We can connect our personal selves with a larger community. This interconnectedness is life-giving, creating abundance and healing for an Aquarian community at large.

May our personal history join with our future community for an alchemical interconnected healing, which makes ourselves and our communities more whole.