September 23, 2012 – Equinox Square Dance

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 8:02 am, opens our morning with a communications SQUARE. We’re doing our own personal kind of communications work today.

MOON in Capricorn kissed our AWAKENING CAULDRON of PLUTO SQUARE URANUS last night and this kiss will last us all day long. Energies are unstable, changing and transformational. The waxing MOON lifts us up into whatever this cycle calls us to. The energies of this lunar creation cycle are percolating, building and growing.  We may be called inside to attend to a deep inner shift–even though the waxing energies in the outside world may call us into responsibility–our first responsibilty is to our own soul.

May the balancing energies of Equinox magic infiltrate all relationships. May we invoke balance magic amidst profound shifting. May we nurture our own inner shift.