September 22, 2012 – Happy Fall Equinox of 2012!

SUN entered Libra at 7:49 am, pdt – the Zero degree Libra point in zodiac marks the FALL EQUINOX (in the western zodiacal wheel). FALL EQUINOX is a time of equal light and dark in the day. This cosmic symbol of balance, with equal hours of day and night, calls us into other balances, like masculine and feminine, old and young, old world with new world.  We hang today in this balancing place. Being that it is 2012 and we’re in the midst of the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO HUMAN AWAKENING CAULDRON, this is no normal EQUINOX!  This is the super potent BALANCING FORCE in the 2012 part of the Awakening Pressure-Cooker that is universe-created, but self-chosen.  We have each chosen the details of our own pressure-cooking awakening vessel. We chose this vessel with every choice we made in the last 20 years to bring us to this place.

Today we can enjoy the weather, both earthly and astrological, and allow the feeling of balance to enter every area of our lives.

MOON SEXTILES SATURN at 9:45 am, pdt, then goes into the VOID, between Sagittarius and Capricorn (touching the Christing part of the zodiac–that the Sun touches at Christmas and holy-day time for many traditions.) The light shining through our earth-plane in December/Capricorn is special in its ability to transform us at a core level. The MOON is opening the gates of the Christos with SATURN, new world builder. We may notice now, “heading toward the holy days of December.”

MOON enters Capricorn at 12:20 pm, pdt.  May we allow ourselves to receive the simple light that transforms us because of its rigidity–it has the ability to penetrate deep into our bones–changing us at a core level.  If we are open to this change–it can be a good time.  To the level that we may resist needed change, we may suffer.

Just after entry into earth guardian sign, Capricorn, MOON SQUARE’s SUN in the opening FIRST QUARTER work point of this lunar cycle of creation–the one we’re in–for the Harvest season.

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 2:02 pm, pdt bringing us some Sacred Nourishment after noon, if we can receive it. Its good to “drink deeply,” of what is offered, for we are in a deeply cathartic window and our bodies, emotional bodies and mental bodies can all use some soothing. Our spirits are likely leading the way–soaring like bird’s of hope and clarity above our earthly struggles, if we’re connected.  If our integrated spiritual connection with our own “higher self,” is weak, this is a moment to strengthen it, and give it the voice to speak to our mind and emotional heart about the shift we’re undergoing.

May we receive the essence of perfect balance into every corner of our being–especially the places of self-doubt, old criticisms that are repeated, and places where we have felt “inadequate,” for “our life-job.”  May we allow the essence of graceful perfect balance to enter all areas. May we emanate this balance, eat it, drink it and be merry!