September 18, 2012 – What is Power?

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN and TRINE NEPTUNE this morning is connecting us to our own structure and our own flow. We create our lives with the structure we hold and then with the energy and flow we channel through that structure. We choose the structure and we choose the flow. This ability to choose these underlying pieces of our life, means we choose our life. We have made every choice, every thought and every motion to create the world within which we live now.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 7:16 pm, pdt, giving us an “in,” to touch, feel and hear our own struggles, insights, and wounds, related to our ability to have power in this world. Having power means we are aware of what we are (source), rather than believing in the limitations that may be around us. We draw our power from our internal flow of light and energy, rather than being caught up within our external circumstances, as if they define us and our power.

We are a source of creation. We are a source. We are a cause, a creator, a movement generator. Nothing will remain the same. Everything changes every moment. We are the impetus behind this change and the manifestation of this change. We are the weaver and the one in the fabric of experience itself. We are all there is. With this in mind, we may create. If we don’t like something, we choose to shift it. If we would like something, we intend to create it. This is power.

If we believe in any way, on any level that we do not have the power to shift and/or create whatever we truly desire, we have then given this power that we have and are, to something else. Today is the day to reclaim this creation story, and re-member, that we are the source of the creation of our life and our world.  If we don’t like ANY aspect of it, WE change it.

We begin any change with simple clear intention. Holding clear intention can be a revolutionary act. If we can intend something, with a small still voice within, knowing from this place, all things are created, we have found the real power. What is your intention? (today, for yourself, for the world, and for this life?)

URANUS SQUARES PLUTO (late tonight) at 11:55 pm, pdt is a POWER POINT! This SQUARE is a GIANT POINT in the SEVEN POINTS of the HUMAN AWAKENING PORTAL of 2012-2016. We move through this point with all of humanity and the earth, shifting each day, with the energies of SUN, MOON and all the other LIGHTS that shine on us from the cosmos, beaming their changing sacred geometric life-force patterns to us–the changing fabric upon which we live!

TODAY THE FABRIC CHANGES! It is enlivening, and shifting cells. Some cells will die off, be cleansed from this world, while others are re-invigorated or changed, birthed or renewed. Every day, cells die and are born, however today, more of them die and are born, than usual!

Acts of power and intention are important in this time, even if we don’t feel like it. We are in charge, whether we “feel like it,” or not. It is our own will, that decides to take the power, or pretend we don’t have any. If we are disempowered in any area of life–if any area of life does not shine with life-force, divinity and love–then we are not in our power. We can get there by taking one little responsibility at a time, setting one clear intention at a time, and never pretending “we are not in charge,” again.

Today is a day to make the choice to “be in this power,” whether we feel like it or not. We simply will it. This is our power. We are in charge of our world. We create it. No other thoughts are entertained.

I dare you to do it differently, since you can.  Happy URANUS SQUARE PLUTO Revolution (within)!!