September 17, 2012 – Prepare for Direct Power

We rise this morning in the coming equibalanced energy of the Fall Equinox, on Saturday.  As we come closer to the Fall Equinox, we come closer to the moment of “perfect balance,” between dark and light. Day and night.

Early Crescent Harvest MOON is waxing. We are called to harvest what matters most this cycle. This innocent waxing MOON SEXTILED VENUS in the middle of the night, kissing us with feminine magic, in our sleep.

As we arise this morning MOON is supported in a TRINE with JUPITER, our wisdom keeper, at 8:27 am, pdt. We may be lifted in mind, spirit and emotion, able to fly on wings that stem from the journey of our soul’s having come this far. Step by step, on our path, we may encounter some authentically earned wings today! This is a moment for gratitude and adventure. Gratitude that we are gifted, again and again, in spite of all appearances or fears. Adventure that this world is our’s and it ushers us into it, more deeply.

PLUTO is stationary DIRECT at 10:05 pm, pdt. This direction shift on the part of our SUPER-POWER planet, may translate as extra PLUTO energy dribbling from the PLUTO faucet, which has POWER ENERGY rushing into our lives today. PLUTO has been RETROGRADE since April 10th. We’ve been gathering some power, energy, information, resources and know-how, in preparation for this increase in power, that we may not have even known was coming!

As PLUTO prepares to change directions today, so too–can we. We can prepare to “step in” like we never have before. Its as if we thought we were really living, but actually–this life has been a sideline, to the real game, which we are only just beginning to understand and step into. Today is a day to practice the courage required to really “STEP IN!” This may mean something different for each person–that is ok.

May we see the ways in which we have not fully stepped “into our own power and authority.” (Authority, includes authorship). When we are in authority in our lives, we author our lives. Today is about giving up all the other authors, and taking the pen of our life-story into our own hands. May we each recognize our own golden pen and “step in!”