September 16, 2012 – Relational Balancing inside of Awakening Cauldron

A MOON MERCURY burst at the end of Virgo whispers in our ears pre-dawn: there is an ingredient needed here and here to balance. Virgo is the sign that “cleans everything up,” and points to everything that needs adjustment, before entering the sign of equality: Libra, where the perfect balance is present. MOON entered Libra early this morning at 5:55 am, pdt, pointing us toward the eternal peace of a world in balance.

MARS in deep water Scorpio is INCONJUNCT (150 degrees from) JUPITER in Gemini.  Both planets are at 16 degrees of their sign, on the 16th! We may receive some wisdom today for our body. We can be stronger, healthier, and more balanced than we are right now.  Angels and people may whisper in our ears today–a gift, an insight or a practical piece of information about how to improve how we feel and move in our bodies on the earth. We can be universally-tuned instruments singing the “music of the spheres,” and the messengers around us today may give us just what we need to become a more harmoniously-tuned human instrument.

MERCURY enters Libra, joining the MOON again in sign, at 4:22 pm, pdt. We can be grateful the MOON is in Libra for the coming few days, bringing the ability to think with peace.  Thinking with peace may be important, as PLUTO STATIONS to go DIRECT tomorrow night–making today the opening of a BIG AWAKENING CAULDRON. (yet another opportunity to have a healthy death and rebirth) These opportunities abound over the next three years as URANUS SQUARES PLUTO six more times. (The first of seven squares was on June 24th, 2012–the beginning of the four year awakening cauldron for humanity). URANUS will SQUARE PLUTO on September 18, late at night. This SQUARE is a tension, calling for authentic and needed CHANGE.

Today–MOON touches the Awakening Cauldron from Libra. MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 5:33 pm, pdt, and MOON OPPOSES URANUS in Aries, at 5:42 pm, pdt. It is good for us to “dig in,” to our soulwork, change-work and life-purpose-work with this tension.  PLUTO is a powerful force and tends to usher us into deep emotional states, that–if we’re not guiding ourselves, can tend to become jealousy, desperation, obsession with limitation or lack, or power struggle energy related to money. One way we can “work” all of this PLUTO energy is by practicing the art of deep heart longing. There is an art to indulging in this energetic focus on “longing for the things that we would love.” We can invoke a healthy dose of longing for whatever arises as our authentic heart’s desire. We would LOVE to be truly loved, to feel beautiful, to express our souls to the world and to connect with the deeper soul of another in some way. We all long for depth, union, joy and fruition. It is healthy to long for the things we truly desire–this longing is a form of real power. If we exercise this power of authentic longing, we may see the fruition, coming soon. PLUTO DIRECT can be a powerful forward motion. We can take steps forward with our financial abundance, our soul’s work, and powerful changes that we might imagine impossible–PLUTO CAN CHANGE ANYTHING!  We’re in the thrust of this change already, and in the next two days.  The PLUTO STATION is tomorrow late night at 10:05 pm, pdt.

May we dive into our own personal awakening cauldron with abandon, with love, and with willingness to change, so we may ride these changes to our empowerment within a newly birthing world, rising out of the fires of a fast-composting old world.